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We, at Do It Right Plumbing, are the most trusted professionals when it comes to pipe unclogging in Syracuse, NY. We have been serving residential property owners in the area for more than 10 years, offering the most affordable rates in the industry.

Over time, your drains and pipes get clogged by accumulated fats, food, hair, soap, and other debris. This can cause leaks, as well as a lot of stress for any homeowner. Although clogged pipes are relatively common, we do not recommend buying over-the-counter cleaners or chemicals and just pouring them down your drains.

An important thing to understand about clogged pipes is there is always a root cause to the issue. This is why calling our plumbers at Do It Right Plumbing is recommended. You do not know what caused the pipes to clog up. Sure, you can clear clogs with chemicals and cleaners, and do it all by yourself, but your pipes may be eroded due to age, and using harsh chemicals to clear clogs may cause more serious problems.

You may think that you can also just go snaking down the pipe with a wire and try to dislodge any clog that you think is in the pipes. That is not a good idea either, since you may poke holes in the old pipes, or push the clog deeper.

At Do It Right Plumbing, we evaluate your plumbing system before we recommend repairs, or if necessary, replacements. Our experienced plumbers will check the condition of the pipes to determine the best solution, and discuss this with you before doing anything. This way, you can get the clogged pipes cleaned, and you get to avoid bigger problems by doing the job yourself. Call us right away to clear your clogged pipes. We look forward to being of service to you.

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